We assist local churches in delivering amazing digital experiences that help people move from where they are to where God wants them to be

Personalized Sites & Apps

We deliver websites and mobile apps that go beyond the traditional digital brochure that largely exists today and, instead, deliver content and features that are tailored and personalized to individuals and where they are in their spiritual journey with Jesus.


Find others in and around your local church who have similar interests, hobbies, and backgrounds. Invite friends and meet together in structured small group settings or impromptu times and places that work for you.


Stay in touch with friends in your small groups without worrying about emails, texts, and social media.

Engaging Services

Whether on location or attending at home, interact with the worship, announcements, the sermon, and call-to-action during the service.

Between Weekends

Dig into the topic from the previous weekend's service, prepare for upcoming weekend messages, and dive into personalized, recommended topics for where you are in your journey with Jesus.

Helping people move in their spiritual journey

RunOne helps local churches identify where people are at in their spiritual journey with Jesus and what is typically the next step for each person. From here, churches quickly learn what ministries they should be investing in, what programs they should accelerate, and what campaigns they should begin.

We are here to help at every step along the way

Even the best sites and apps need great people behind them to ensure that they are being used effectively and having the maximum impact in your church. We are happy to come alongside your staff and leaders to make sure you’re getting the most out of RunOne and truly helping your community move to where God wants them to be.

  • Implementation IconImplementation

    We will help you get started with RunOne’s sites and apps, as well as, integrate the right products and technology you use everyday with RunOne including social media, email, and backend systems. Our team is on your side to get you up and running smoothly.

  • Tactical IconTactical

    When your church staff is stretched thin, we will assist in making the magic happen by completing common tasks such as content creation and formatting, data entry, and campaign deployments for events and special programs.

  • Strategic

    RunOne experts will analyze where people in your community are at in their spiritual journey and recommend and plan out changes to existing ministries, add proven ministries that will fit with your church culture, and remove ineffective ministries.

RunOne has helped us discern the critical importance of small groups in each person's spiritual journey. Jeff and his team sat down with us to strategize how to develop more effective and relevant communities within our church.

Jon Schwander Jon Schwander
ITOWN Church

We are a nonprofit helping local churches

  • Jeff's Headshot

    Jeff Middlesworth

    Jeff has always had a passion for using technology to advance ministries that glorify Jesus. His career has focused on solving customer problems by delivering groundbreaking and delightful software products with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Jeff coaches basketball with his four daughters, is a trustee at his church, and golfs whenever he can. Jeff serves as the founder and Executive Director of RunOne.

  • Melanie's Headshot

    Melanie Middlesworth

    Melanie has her Masters in English from Iowa State and is an accomplished writer and sought-after speaker. She is the wife of Jeff and mom to four wonderful daughters, owns her own baking company, and is very active in her community, local schools, and at ITOWN Church. As a co-founder of RunOne with Jeff, she serves as an active advisor to the leadership team.

  • Dave's Headshot

    Dave Sumrall

    Dave and his wife, Kate, founded the rapidly growing ITOWN Church as a part of the Association of Related Churches. He is the senior pastor of ITOWN, father of five children, and serves on RunOne's board of directors. Inspired by his grandfather, Lester Sumrall, Dave has a heart for reaching the world for Christ.

  • Andy's Headshot

    Andy Clark

    Andy is an entrepreneur at heart and is an executive, founder, investor, and advisor to for-profit companies and non-profit organizations alike. Andy serves on RunOne's board of directors and is a devoted husband to Laura and dad to three teenage boys.

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